The Heroes of the Storm Team Builder and Draft Helper

Current Version: v0.39


HotS Matchup is a tool that can benefit both casual and competitive Heroes of the Storm players. Get dynamic hero recommendations based on the current draft or review after a match to see how you could have improved your comp.


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The above is a match analysis for the Enter The Storm 2016 NA Finals Game 3 between Cloud9 (Blue Team) and TempoStorm (Red Team). You can watch the match here. Cloud9 were the victors, and as you can see from the analysis above they were heavily favored according to their individual player scores based on their statistical win rates. Despite a worse team composition score for the map, Cloud9 were still favored with their combined average score at the bottom of the screen.

So how does it work?

If you are playing Quick Match, then set the map dropdown to All Maps.

If you are playing with Friends, make sure to enter all your usernames or ID numbers (found at the end of your profile URL) in the friends list after clicking the gear button. Then use the friend icon next to the player name fields to add your friends to your team. This provides you with each player's personal win rate data and the friends list is saved when you exit the app.

To the left of your main player portraits there will be a single small quick select hero recommendation. You can click these to pick these heroes for your team, or you can click the large main hero portrait to enter a hero select screen where you can see all heroes and an ordered list of recommended heroes by their sub role type.

Hovering over hero portraits or score values will give you a break down of all relevant statistics and help you make the best team comps possible.

If you are playing in Hero League, you can select the map you will be playing on and then all hero recommendations will adjust based on the map specific data.

The recommended sub role comps in the bottom corners are additional guides to show you which compositions have the best average win rates for the current map.

You can use HotS Matchup to create post-game summaries, or you can use it in real time during a Hero League Draft to find an advantage over your opponents. Or just use it as a more intuitive user interface for browsing your HotSLogs hero stats.

Current Features

  • Unique scoring system with adjustable settings to estimate team advantages
  • Search for player data by Name or HotSLogs ID# (found in profile URL)
  • Load in all match details via HotSLogs Replay ID# for post-game score summary
  • Saveable friends list (enter names in Settings screen, then select via the friend icon next to the name entry field)
  • Dynamic hero recommendations
  • Dynamic team sub role composition recommendations
  • Adjustable settings for estimating player skill levels for heroes they are not experienced with
  • Upload screenshots directly to Imgur to share your team matchups
  • Always-on-top resizeable window so you can review stats during a draft or loading screen
  • Automatically updates all data every time you run the app, including adding newly released heroes
  • Automatically checks for app updates (only necessary for new features or bug fixes)
  • Sortable hero select screen (by Hero Win Rate, Player Win Rate, etc) with ability to filter by Role or Hero Name

Planned Features

  • Player-specific hero recommendations
  • Web-embedded version (no need to download updates)
  • Caster customization options

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Q: When I lauch Hots Matchup all I see is a logo screen with no loading indicator. Is the app broken?

Are you using a proxy for your internet connection? This can cause problems for the data retrieval. I'm investigating a possible solution.


Q: It says "Player Not Found" when I put in my username. Am I doing something wrong?

Blizzard allows players to share the same usernames so the app may not be able to find your profile on Try entering your ID# instead. This can be found at the end of your profile URL. If your data is still not being found make sure that your account is not a private account. Go to and uncheck the "Opt out of public listings" option.


Change Log


  • Fixed a display bug preventing some score values from appearing in the hero stat hover panels


  • Fixed a bug with uploading screenshots to Imgur
  • Fixed a bug with loading game data from a hotslogs replay ID


  • Fixed a bug that prevented Lúcio's portrait from loading properly


  • Fixed a bug that caused heroes to become unselectable


  • You can now select the sub role icons to filter the hero select screen
  • Recommended sub roles that have not yet been picked will now flash
  • Sorting the hero select screen by win rate will now use the map specific win rates rather than general win rates


  • Fixed issue where the the app becomes unresponsive over time
  • Fixed the Imgur screenshot upload option
  • Imgur screenshot no longer opens browser automatically (now you have the option to copy the url and visit it yourself)
  • Already chosen heroes are now grayed out in the hero select screen (but you can still select them if you want)


  • Fixed issue where the map was unselectable


  • Fixed issue where the map was unselectable
  • Added Replay ID feature where you can analyze the score of any publicly shared match replay from


  • Fixed issue with Auriel's data not loading properly


  • Fixed issues with Medivh's stats and player MMR data not loading properly


  • Fixed an issue where Gul'dan's stats were not loading properly


  • Fixed some player data gathering issues after changed their formatting


  • Fixed some hero data gathering issues after changed their formatting


  • Fixed alignment issues with resized window while hero select screen open


  • Hero select screen now has filters and sorting options


  • Fixed a bug that made the clipboard text mostly blank after selecting a ban portrait
  • Fixed the "Clipboard Control" toggle not saving when exiting the app


  • Added "Clipboard Control" option which, when enabled, will fill your computer's clipboard automatically with hero recommendations that you can paste into draft chat for your team mates


  • Fixed bug where player data was not being pulled correctly


  • Fixed bug where the interface would not load due to an update to the website
  • Removed Cho'Gall from possible hero recommendations


  • Fixed bug where the incorrect percentages were being pulled for global hero win rates
  • Improved hero recommendations to include synergy and counter picks


  • Added ban pick portraits
  • Player score breakdowns will now also appear when hovering over main hero portraits the same as hovering the player's total score


  • Drastically improved the hero recommendation engine
  • Fixed bug where heroes with level 20 or higher would not pull data for players
  • Sub role comp win rates are now more accurate for lower win rate comps (previously if a comp was not in the top 100 comps it would default to a 50% win rate estimate)
  • Confirmation message before uploading an Imgur screenshot
  • Toggle option for "always on top" window (requires an app restart to change setting)


  • Fixed bug preventing some users from pulling player data


  • First public release