Lacuna Passage - Quick Update

We have been uncharacteristically silent lately and that's because we have our heads down in preparation for a Kickstarter campaign launch later this month. There is a lot to do, and even though we don't have any strict deadlines, we would like to hold ourselves accountable to our goals. We have many additions to make to the gameplay prototype, a pitch video to shoot, and backer reward levels to finalize. As much as we love sharing our progress we hope you will forgive us for holding a few reveals back for the Kickstarter launch. We have been stunned by the amount of support we have received in the last few months and we are sure that all of you can help us make this game a success. Stay tuned for more information. If you follow our blog then you will be the first to know about the Kickstarter launch and there may be a few early bird reward tiers for you to take advantage of. Alright... back to work!